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How to Maintain Sheepskin Boots

By Brett Paul

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How to Maintain Sheepskin Boots

Do you have sheepskin boots? If you do, then you should know that these fashionable boots must be taken great care of. You will need to maintain sheepskin boots so that they last you for a longer period of time. Take stains for example. Different types of stains can occur on the sheepskin boots such as water stains, scuff marks, oil stains, or salt stains. What would you do if such a thing happened to your boots?

Water Stain Removal Procedure

If you find your boots wet, then allowing them to dry would just lead to streaking or more water stains. You should use a white cloth or a sponge and wet your boots with cold water. Make sure that you wet the boots evenly. Remember that you should not soak them. If you want to make sure that they retain their original shape, you should stuff the boots with a rolled white towel. Do not use a dark colored towel due to the fact that a dark towel may transfer the color to your boots. Use direct heat to allow the boots to dry naturally. You should not use a hair dryer on the boots and do not put the boots in a dryer either because high heat can cause damage to the boot’s skin.

Salt Stain Removal Procedure

If you want to remove a salt stain, you will need to add an additional step to the process required in the removal of a water stain. Before you wet the boots, you will need to mix a cup of water with a tablespoon of white vinegar. Use the solution by rubbing it on a salt stained area utilizing a cotton ball or a white cloth. The acid in the vinegar will dissolve the stain. You may then continue with the steps for the removal of the water stain afterwards to maintain sheepskin boots in the best way possible.

Scuff Mark Removal Procedure

You can use a white towel or an old toothbrush of yours to get rid of the scuff. Remember, you should not brush the boots too hard. Brushing lightly on the scuff marks will help to get rid of the scuff in the easiest way possible.

Oil Stain Removal Procedure

You will need to cover the oily stain with a layer of cornstarch or baby powder. Allow the layer to sit on the boots for around one to two days. The powder will take in the oil from the surface of the boots. Brush the powder away with an old toothbrush. You might have to do the procedure again to get rid of the entire stain.

If you follow these steps the next time your boots experience a stain that could damage their look, then you should consider following these steps. These tips will help you maintain your sheepskin boots and make them look great at all times.

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